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Untitled (Glance Rebound) Text

Concept video shown in the exhibitions 'KONTEXT' at Neues Museum in Nuremberg and 'urbainable - stadthaltig' at Akademie der Künste in Berlin

A press announcement invites two groups of 12 people each to participate in a game of voiced sounds taking place at a dimmed lit dense dusty fog-filled gymnasium. During one day, the participants of one group will only use hums as forms of communication while the second group will only shout the words «dot dot dot» to produce a type of endless echo; members of both groups will enter and exit this game and image at their leisure merging with regular exhibition visitors. The game's procedure appears as part of a process of non-verbal codes for communication...the production of some type of overlapping forms that almost immediately disappear as voice sound waves move, bounce and dissolve to then restart over again. A borderline invisible bridging form that connects worlds of ideas with worlds of sensations displacing a familiar image into an unknown one, a set for suspended vital signals.

Revolving Subject
The production of a film equivalent to this voice game will also take place during its progression, a film procedure that suggests the presence of a subject that endlessly reforms and revolves itself rather than an actual device. An oval shape camera track will be installed in the center court of the gymnasium from which a continuous 35mm filming observation will occur, a referee type of subject whom is perhaps haunted by the imagination of the players of the game that it continuously and intensively –but frustratedly– tries to watch through the dust-filled space.

Another Alliance
Could A Desert of Triangles perhaps be a new manifestation of inseparability? A type of experimental pact between an acoustic unconsciousness, an abstraction and a displacement? A rhapsody that connects the material syntax of edifices with a question of believe?

Tier-Mensch, A Simulation
Suspended drones behave as in a struggle to identify the forms appearing and disappearing in the dusty space eventually giving themselves up to a sort of idling stage, now in complete suspension, we as audience see as they see, we also, in an idling stage.

An equivalent sound recording accompanies this simulation of a larger event; a field recording of early sound and acoustics research, and with the participation of the players, also a form of game training and vocal preparation.

Project details
Status Planning
Areas of research Condition, Plural, Voice
Planning started 2022
Event date 2025
Downloads Project dossier (PDF 100kb)

Planning and Realization
Director: Jason Brutalium
Project Management: Juan K Rojas
Team: Franziska Ebeler, Sophia Martinetz, Sönke Reteike, David Czepek

Collaborators and Consultants
Glacier sound mapping: Dr Name Lastname, University of Canada
Sound composition: Vanessa Mayorga

Brutalium Studio